Wet Tech Energy has evolved throughout the years into a company that is diverse and unique. With an Offshore Mooring Division providing offshore services for installation, maintenance and recoveries using a pre-mobilized vessel capable of installing systems safely in water depths of up to 5000 FSW., Wet Tech also has a large equipment rental and supply division that caters to companies across the Globe for high quality Marine Equipment.

In addition, and in conjunction with Wet Tech's offshore services, a full service Fabrication division and Blasting/Coatings department exist in house which support a wide range of specialty projects and clientele. Wet Tech also has a full service navigational aid department that provides repair at a component level, onshore and offshore installations, and inspections.
With a vast array of spooling machines and a dock facility conveniently located in Berwick, LA, Wet Tech also serves the needs of the specialty companies who require wire rope, synthetics, umbilicals and many other applications spooled while under tension.

Wet Tech Energy is widely renowned among its vast client base to be able to work flexibly with their requirements to get projects done under budget and with the highest level of safety. Since 1999, our company has grown to include over 300 unique clients around the world. Allow us to serve your project requirement needs today and let us show you how we can provide you a wave of solutions.



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