About Us
Wet Tech Energy is a family owned and operated company that has evolved into a diverse and unique blend of service and supply. As one of the leading buoy manufacturers in the country, what sets Wet Tech Energy apart are our service capabilities; being able to provide offshore installation services with an Anchor Handling Vessel and specialty crews.
Offshore BuoyServing over 600 clients around the world, we have worked tirelessly since day one to maintain the highest commitment to customer service, safety and that same ‘sense of family’ that emanates into the client relationships we have built since 1999.
With a full-service Marine Equipment Supply and Rental division, a Fabrication division, Navigational Department, Spooling Services, Safety/Training division and so much more, Wet Tech Energy is a company that many other companies rely on, for our unique approach, to obtain solutions in a solutions-driven industry.

We welcome you to our website and will be here for you personally should you have questions about what we can do to provide a wave of solutions for all of your project needs.



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