Safety Credo

The management and line employees at Wet Tech know that while risks exist in our business:

  • ALL accident are preventable
  • Our goal of ZERO injury operations come before the business objectives
  • Safe operations is a term of employment
  • A successfully executed job is one that is completed without injury
Safety Philosophy

At Wet Tech Energy, safety is our main value. Giving every employee a safe workplace is the responsibility of our proven management team and each employee has the duty to uphold that value. This requires management and employees working together, as a family, to ensure that we meet our goal of providing a wave of solutions to all of our clients and ensuring that we all arrive home in the same manner that we left.

It is Wet Tech's commitment to:

  • Provide our employees with a safe working environment
  • Ensure that our employees are provided with proper safe working procedures for the task at hand
  • Ensure that employees are trained in a manner that allows for safe operations

It is the employees' charge to:

  • Ensure that work is being carried out in a safe manner
  • Report any unsafe conditions
  • STOP any unsafe acts




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