Project Experience
At Wet Tech Energy, we strive to provide our clients solutions for their projects.  From long term offshore contract work, fabrication work, spot contract assignments and multiple location maintenance work; we utilize the same set of parameters for successful and safe results.  Here are a just a few of our recent project successes.  Call us when you want your project recorded in the listings of successful projects area of our website.

Exxon Heritage Platform
Offshore California
Project Water Depth:  1250'
Versabar, Inc.
Gulf of Mexico
Project Water Depth:  60' to 450' FSW
Superior Energy Services
Acrtic Containment System
Chukchi & Bering Sea
ENI Petroleum
Mooring System Maintenance
Program Contact
Project Water Depth:  65' - 350' FSW
Hurricane Response
Gulf of Mexico
Various Locations
Project Water Depth:  20'-650' FSW
Israeli Ministry of Defense
Custom Buoy Fabrication
Quick-Ship Contract
Nomad Buoy Fabrication
Integration Contract
Project Water Depth:  3800 Meters



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